RS485 optical transceiver

Originally developed for communication purposes onto analytical balances, these RS485 transceivers offer communication without mechanical contact.

Key features:
  • True contact-less communication
  • Galvanically isolated (cuts ground loops)
  • Half-duplex repeater, couples two physical RS-485 Buses, i.e. multiple devices can communicate on either side
  • Transmission verified to 19'200 bps (can be increased using an amplifier stage on the board)
  • Compact size of 20 x 31 mm (can be reduced using multilayer PCB and SMD infrared emitter)
  • Each board contains transmitter & receiver, which makes them transceivers
  • Communication via infrared LED (visible light possible)
  • Transceivers my be distanced by up to x mm (at horizontal alignment)
  • Powered by 5 V supply
Two RS485 infrared transceiver modules
Two RS485 infrared transceiver modules
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(Published 3.10.2018)

Keywords: RS-485, transmitter, miniature, OEM